Faridur Reza Sagar


Name : Faridur Reza Sagar

Eminent Media Personality, Faridur Reza Sagar was born on the 22nd February, 1955. His mother, one of the most reputed literateurs of the country, Rabeya Khatun and his father, was the Editor of Bangladesh’s first Film Magazine, ‘Cinema’ who also was the triumphant maker of country’s first film on children, ‘President’, Late Fazlul Haque. Meghna and Mohona are his two precious daughters and Kona Reza is his beloved wife. A thoroughly cultural man, Faridur Reza Sagar is industrious and is working relentlessly for development of media in Bangladesh.

Engaged With : As the children literateur, Faridur Reza is carrying the successful track for long two decades. Since childhood, he has been engaged with Central Kochikachar Mela, Chander Haat and many other children- friendly programmes of Bangladesh Television.

Current Position : At present, he is one of the Directors of the Impress Group and the Managing Director of Impress Telefilm Ltd./ Channel i.

Notable Books : Has written over fifty books for the children. Notables are, Half Dozen Choto Kaku Series, Bhubon Bhromia Sheshe, Dickson Shaheber Bhut, Wang Shaheber Bang, Meghna O Golpo Buro, Mohona O Chichingfak, Nanarokom Lekha, Chotoder Mother Teresa etc.

Genres : Adventure, Mystery, Travel, Reminiscence, Horror, Liberation War, Fantasy.

Awards : In 2005, he was awarded the Bangla Academy Award for his special contribution in children’s literature.

Apart from this, has received Agrani Bank Children’s Literature Award, Chander Haat Children’s Literature Award and of course, Euro Children’s Literature Award.

Was also awarded with Bangladesh Film Journalists Association Award, Cultural Reporters Award, National Film Award (2002) and many national level awards.

Contribution : Has played a great role after completion of the Reminiscence Book, Ek Jiboney Television, which has covered the history of Bangladesh Television. Has changed the image of the film industry , solely producing at least 100 full length Bengali Feature films. International

Accreditation : His produced films, ‘Nirontor’ (Forever Flows, Year: 2006) and ‘Swapnodanay’ (On the Wings of Dreams, Year: 2007) along with many other films have been internationally accredited already.

Travelling : A Widely travelled man, he has visited most of the countries of the World.

Unique Distinction : He has been a lone brave crusader in making neat Bengali Films devoid of vulgarism which has been a turning point in revitalizing the Bengal Film Industry and curring its way to the landscape of International Film Industry.

Acheivement : In 2015, Faridur Reza Sagar clinched the most prestigious & highest Ekushe Padak in the Media Category.