Mou Roychowdhury


Name : Ms. Mou Roychowdhury

Status : Writer / Social Worker / Producer.

Name of the Movies : Shankhachil (Story- Sayantani Putatunda, Director – Gautam Ghosh, Year – 2016),
Shesh Boley Kichu Nei (Story & Direction- Anjan Dutt, Year-2014),
Gosain Baganer Bhoot (Story-Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Director- Nitish Roy, Year-2011),
Gorosthane Sabdhan, Story-Satyajit Ray, Director- Sandip Ray, Year-2010),
Hit-List (Story & Directionr-Sandip Ray, Year-2009)
Kailashe Kelenkari (Story-Satyajit Ray, Director- Sandip Ray, Year-2007)

Production House : V3G Films Private Limited

A Brief Profile

Life : Ms. Mou Roychowdhury is undoubtedly a new age ardent film producer who believes in aesthetic and meaningful films that would cut an edge in the arena of movie industry. Mou Roychowdhury’s production hallmark has always been the depiction of real life characters through the form of healthy entertainment. She has been extremely instrumental in transforming V3G Films from its small beginning in 2004. Since its inception, she has been hands on in operational management and efficiency and in controlling ‘on set’ activities. Ms. Roychowdhury is a producer who possesses successful confluence of creativity and business transformed into magic reality, providing food for thought to both the mass and the class.

Other Ventures : Ms Mou Roychowdhury has always been inspired by the evolving character of socio-cultural milieu and as a result of which she jumped into producing a sitcom – RAJA GAJA in the year 2007. The main essence of the soap was to acknowledge the social issues with comic relief .This show was telecast successfully on Zee Bangle for years and was hugely appreciated by the people belonging to different social strata.

Ms. Mou Roychowdhury always bears a strong penchant for Indian tradition & heritage & thus presented the program ‘SEI SAMAY’ telecast for a long time in Kolkata Doordarshan.

Ms. Mou Roychowdhury has got a strong liking for music and this led her to producing ‘ANURODHER ASOR’ – a musical program on Zee Bangla in the year 2007, and the impact of the program was simply electrifying.

Literary achievements: A voracious reader of Bengali & International literature, Ms. Mou Roychowdhury has herself so far authored three books –Chhobir Antaraler Chhobi (Making of Gorosthane Sabdhan), Kabi Tomake & Maa (Collection of Poems).

Social Activities : Ms. Mou Roychowdhury is widely kown as a humanitarian spokesperson and is deeply involved with social works. She is the Founder Member of ‘MRITTIKA’- a Welfare Organization established in the year 2004 to help the downtrodden people who serve the film industry all through their lives, but are deprived of basic livelihood at later stage.